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We are known by many as a small family business that has the capacity to do great things. A tradition of several decades of successful activities in the regional (Limburg) music market, might give the impression that we concern ourselves exclusively with dialect and carnival repertoire. And indeed, we have built quite a reputation in this branch. We are rightfully proud of it. Each year we dedicate ourselves to the Limburg musical culture with delight and conviction.

But there is more… we also produce classical projects, choral music, chamber music, stand-up comedy, brass bands, jazz, folk, blues, rock…. and let’s not forget small-scale, as well as elaborate theatre productions… All of this takes place in our atmospheric recording studio or at a location of your own choosing.

We arrange, compose, write, accompany, inspire, produce, fabricate, organise, communicate, check, conduct, record, mix, master, restore and file your music. And all of this, we do with conviction and passion for our trade and with respect for your ideas.