Nederlands Engels


Arranging and composing
We take care of arrangements for your compositions, we compose on-demand.

Music Publishing
Our music publishing company owns an extensive library with regional and (inter)national works.

Recording Studio
Large recording room for medium-sized groups up to 25 persons.
Quiet, rural location and congenial work climate.

Mobile Recording Studio
For large groups, like for instance brass bands, wind orchestras and choirs, we can work at a location of your choice, after mutual consent.

Recording First Aid
Musical trimming, accompaniment and finishing touch of your homestudio recordings.

Mixing and Audio Post Production
Polishing off of your musical ideas towards a professional sounding unity.
Audio Post Production of video material, voice-overs, dialogue replacement and sound design. 

Fine-tuning the totality of your production. Programming CD-masters in ddp-format.

Restoration and Filing 
We file, restore and improve your old recordings on 1 and 2 inch multitrack-tapes , ¼ inch-tapes, vinyl or damaged CD's.

CD-manufacture and digital distribution
Cd-pressing, distribution, download-service.